Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day Two: San Jose, Monterey, and Big Sur (kinda)

Today was a fabulous day!!!

A casual breakfast, then driving to Monterey. Monterey is gorgeous and a pretty typical US Tourist Town. We went to the aquarium and did some shopping. The highlight for me was actually eating lunch on the deck at the aquarium :-). J had packed us fabulous sandwiches, fruit and yogurt.

After lunch we went shopping (you don't want to know how much salt water taffy I bought).

Then it was time for driving to Big Sur... but when we got there it was closed. The state park was closed, which was disappointing. So we came home, made dinner and watched "Milk."

I'm too tired/lazy to post photos today, so maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow's plans include SAN FRANCISCO!!! Chinatown and wandering down to Fisherman's Warf. It will involve public transportation, including something called the Cal train... so no driving in San Fran... We'll see how this goes - but hey, I get to ride it free because I am disabled/on medicaid/a cripple or something like that.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Do You Know The Way

I'm now in San Jose, California :-)

This is my first vacation with friends, and so-far, so-excellent! All our traveling went wonderfully!

And today, our first full day in San Jose was spent eating breakfast (blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausage), planning, driving around and visiting Japantown. Japantown in
San Jose is quite small, but pretty (it was kind of cloudy and cold this morning, but not bad... not like Wisconsin!). I liked the shops and the grocery store.

Here come the day one obligatory photos: (out of order - quiet, you. I'm tired)

Acupuncture chart outside... Should we do chest PT here instead?

I like the plants here - it may be in the high 50s, but the plants are still pretty :-)

J and I in the airport

M&P in the airport.
Japantown! Totoro!!! aaaaand CAT BUS!
P, K, J & M outside a temple in Japantown.
J and a pretty flower.
Tonight we plan on eating veggie pizza and go to Comedy Sports.

And tomorrow, Monterey and Big Sur!!! :-)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rapallo and Munich Misc from Days 13, 14 & 15

Rapallo - evening of day 13.

This is Darin and his LAST GELATO IN ITALY
ME WITH MY LAST GELATO IN ITALY... we were really attached emotionally to the Italian Gelato - especially the eating it in Italy part.
Rapallo Hotel - Mom, we really wanted to buy this purse for you, but couldn't afford it. Maybe I'll pick you up a little something at a flea market in Munich. (By the way Mom, you're going to be so proud at how under budget we are, you're going to really want to help me buy the IKEA furniture I'm dying to get as part of my redecorating my place project. Nothing huge, a desk, two bookcases - and a sideboard I've wanted since high school. The sideboard is the most expensive piece, of course. We can discuss this when I return. I'm just warning you. I LOVE YOU!!!)

Day 14, driving from Rapallo to Munich. We spent 9+ hours in the car. The next day my back would give out, but spending time in bed would cure me.

We went up a mountain pass... Look Mom, Guardrails!
Watch out for Snow Plows!
Man on Rock is taller than trees.
COW. Outside my car window. No zoom. Just COW. Later we would pass ones with the awesome Swiss cowbells, and listen to the cowbells. I NEED MORE COWBELL.

The way down. LOVE IT.
Yes, that's the name of a tunnel we went through.
Munich - This store is called "Eroticland" ...and aren't those Lightsabers in the window? How are those Erotic??? I don't get it.
This store sells traditional German clothing. YES!
Dachau. I liked this memorial piece.
Dad's Photos:

Rapallo, Day 13
Leaning Tower of Gelato. Yes, we're silly.
Beach Blanket BINGO! ...that's what this photo made me think of. That, and how awesome Rapallo was.

Darin uploading photos. Yes, I turned this job over to him mid-trip. He uploads them to the computer, I pick the ones I like, he uploads them to blogger, I comment on them. It's a good system. Not so much work for me.
Me writing postcards :-)
Rapallo at night.
Day 14... So we're going up this mountain pass, and Dad gets out to take photos, and I see him take this one, and I say to Darin, "I think Dad just got a photo of me picking my nose." Yay Dad.

Day 15: Dachau. The gate says: Work will set you free.

Sorry to end with such a sad photo. This afternoon I took a nap and Dad and Darin went to the BMW museum or showroom or something, and went to a giant Mercedes dealer... or something. Those photos didn't pass my inspection for uploading, so yes. I'm done.

Tomorrow ICE train to Nurnberg! Going to see Giti again before we leave!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rome to Rapallo Day 13

Today we traveled from Rome to Rapallo. I love Rapallo. Can I move here, Mom?

Photos are a little mixed up, and I didn't post mine first today. These first ones are Dad's.

Me going to take photos of road signs... Dad had stopped to take photos of something, so I took photos of road signs. I have a project in my head that I'm going to make art for above my bed with these road signs and graffiti photos. So here I am taking photos.

The photo Dad stopped to take... Tuscany is gorgeous.
PISA! We stopped to take photos of the leaning tower, and I bought CHEAP stuff... presents for people I love (inexpensive, not cheap quality) - so now I'm confident I haven't forgotten anyone. And I used my bargaining skills to purchase something else. Mom will hurt me if I mention what I bought. So I won't. It was cheap and I NEEDED it.
The obligatory Darin holding up the tower photo.
Rapallo - the view from our balcony. I know, I want to pinch myself.
Castle at Rapallo.
Me by the Mediterranean Sea!
Me smiling and the coast behind me.
This is what I consider swimming - and yes, Mom those are your pants, and yes, I am considering not giving them back. But here they aren't so flattering, so I will have to another analysis of the pants.
Me and Dar on the coast.
My photos:
We went through San Gimignano
The things Darin first thought were public toilets. They are large, but they are recycling bins haha.
The hotel Darin had us go to b/c he can't pee outside, and NO they didn't have bathrooms except for guests.
Don't Fall off the Road, Dumbass.
Leaning Tower.
Fountain outside our hotel... awesome hotel.
View from our balcony.
Fountain outside our hotel from our balcony.
Entrance to our hotel.
Coast :-)
Me waving from our balcony while Dad and Darin unload the car.

There are some more from after dinner, but I'll post those tomorrow :-) ...if we have internet in Munich.